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The Dental Care Needs of Diabetic Patients

Feb 5, 2016 — by Byron Wall | Comments (0)
Tags: Gum Disease Tooth Decay Dry Mouth General Dentistry

When a patient has diabetes, he or she will have increased risk of dealing with gum disease, tooth decay, and other issues.

Air Abrasion: The Benefits of Drill-Free Dental Care

Jan 5, 2016 — by Byron Wall | Comments (0)
Tags: Tooth Decay Dental Technology Drill Free Dentistry

Air abrasion means drill-free dentistry, allowing dentists to prep fillings for tooth decay without the disadvantages of drills.

Dental Care to Protect Oral Health during Pregnancy

May 8, 2015 — by Byron Wall | Comments (0)
Tags: General Dentistry Tooth Decay Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Byron W. Wall offers a range of dental services that can be beneficial in helping women maintain good oral health during pregnancy.