Lifelike Same-Day Crowns for a Restored Smile

While a dental crown is an excellent way to protect a weakened, damaged, or aesthetically compromised tooth, it can take several weeks to receive a conventional restoration.

To provide the ultimate in convenience, Dr. Byron W. Wall, DDS offers customized same-day crowns at Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico

So what makes a same-day crown a great choice?

 A Same-Day CrowN Can Quickly Restore the Function of Your Smile

Immediate Results

With a same-day crown, you can experience fully restored function and appearance in a single visit to our office.

Lower Costs

By choosing a same-day crown, you can strengthen your smile without a temporary, saving time and money.

Improved Comfort

Using the CEREC system, our team can create digital images of your smile instead of using messy impressions.

How do crowns fit into your smile?

crown illustration

Same-Day Crowns Have a High Long-Term Success Rate

CEREC statistic

*According to a study in Operative Dentistry.

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Same Day Dental Crowns to Restore and Beautify Teeth

Dental crowns are available to Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico's patients to restore compromised teeth and conceal sizable imperfections. Here, a patient, Ms. Gomez, discusses the advantages of using CEREC to mill restorations on-site.

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These restorations, made with advanced CEREC® technology, will blend in beautifully with your smile and maintain the natural alignment of your bite. With this efficient treatment, you can enjoy complete dental function and an enhanced sense of self-confidence in just one office visit. Contact Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico to learn more and find out whether a same-day crown is right for you.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown will be designed to complement the shape and shade of your natural teeth. It will fit right on top of your existing tooth. Dr. Wall may recommend a crown in the following situations:

  • You have a very large cavity that is too big for a filling.

  • Your tooth is severely weakened or has a large crack.

  • Your tooth has dramatic cosmetic blemishes, such as intrinsic staining.

  • Your tooth is worn or misshapen.

  • Your irregularly shaped tooth affects your bite, increasing your risk for TMJ disorder.

Dr. Wall

With our advanced technology, we are able to craft completely customized crowns while you wait! - Dr. Wall

Same-Day Crowns Made with CEREC® Technology

cerec logoBefore placing a crown, Dr. Wall will reshape your tooth. He will remove damaged material and create a strong base for the restoration. Then he will take three-dimensional digital impressions of your tooth. Using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology, he will design a custom crown that will blend seamlessly with your other teeth. Dr. Wall will then upload the designs into our CEREC® machine. The CEREC® system works much like a 3-D printer. Usually in under an hour, it will generate a crown from a solid block of porcelain. When your crown is complete, Dr. Wall will make sure it fits correctly, and he will attach it to your tooth.

The Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

Traditional crowns are made at a dental lab, and it will be several weeks before you receive your final restoration. Same-day crowns can speed your treatment and spare you the hassle of an unstable temporary restoration. CEREC® crowns can also protect your overall dental health. These restorations will be tailor-made using highly precise measurements. Dr. Wall can make minute adjustments to even out the force along your dental arch. As an expert in neuromuscular dentistry, he can prevent undue pressure on your jaw and reduce your risk for TMJ Disorder. Finally, CEREC® crowns are remarkably durable and natural looking. The system uses medical-grade porcelain that has a natural sheen and sparkle. Plus, you will be in the office during the design process, so Dr. Wall can match the color of the porcelain to your natural teeth.

Find Out Whether a CEREC Crown Is Right for You

To learn more about the benefits of CEREC® technology or to find out whether a same-day crown is right for you, contact our office today.

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