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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Oral health problems rarely come one at a time. Some people suffer from complicated issues involving decay, gum disease, and tooth loss.

With a full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Byron W. Wall can completely rehabilitate your teeth, gums, jaw, and other structures of your mouth.

Learn how full mouth reconstruction at our Albuquerque, NM, office can restore your smile and dental health.

If You Are Embarrassed about Needing Treatment, Know That You Are Not Alone...

While these numbers on tooth decay and gum disease are startling, keep in mind that both of these problems contribute to tooth loss.

In fact, the CDC also notes that 1 in 5 Americans age 65 and older is missing all of their teeth. Among Americans age 75 and older, the rate of complete tooth loss increases to 1 in 4.


*According to the CDC

Good Candidates for Full Mouth Reconstruction

We most often recommend full mouth reconstruction to patients who:

Suffer from Major Dental Problems

A full mouth reconstruction can best serve patients suffering from multiple oral health issues that cannot be fully addressed in just a single office visit. A series of procedures is ideal for fully resolving these problems.

Avoid Dental Visits

Dental phobia and years of neglect can cause people to avoid visits to the dentist for years. Minor dental problems aren't given the attention they deserve, and eventually become serious oral health issues.

Are Self-Conscious about Their Smiles

An unhealthy mouth makes you reluctant to smile and speak around others, which can in turn undermine your self-esteem. A full mouth reconstruction improves oral health while also enhancing smile aesthetics.

Learn More About Full Mouth Reconstruction from a Dentist You Can Trust

Dr. Wall proudly provides the people of Albuquerque with advanced dentistry, designed to improve wellness and smile aesthetics.

Dr. Wall has been in private practice since 1983 and is certified by the state of New Mexico. He uses his nearly four decades of experience to ensure each patient receives high-quality care. Dr. Wall is a proud member of the Albuquerque District Dental Society and the New Mexico Dental Association.

To learn more about rehabilitating your dental health and enhancing your smile, schedule a consultation at Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico. You can also reach us by phone at:

(505) 883-4488

Dr. Wall

A Trusted Dentist Who Cares About Albuquerque, NM




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Great office staff and dental hygienist. I would absolutely recommend Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico and am looking forward to getting the work done and having a nice, professional, healthy smile!! Glad I'm a patient :)

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Romie Lavoie


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Dr. Wall is always amazing. Kind, gentle, professional, and awesome dentist. His staff is always smart, kind, and personable.

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Dramatic Results Changing Smiles for the Better

Before dental care photo
Before This patient's teeth were adversely affected by spacing problems, misalignment, and tooth discoloration.
After dental care photo
After Not only did we enhance the overall appearance of this patient's smile, we enhanced his oral health in the process.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures

Dental Fillings

When treating minor caries or general tooth decay, fillings are an ideal restoration. They can rebuild damaged tooth structure, preventing the spread of cavities and ensuring a healthy bite for years to come. Whether metal or tooth-colored, fillings can make a major difference.

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Crowns and Onlays

For advanced decay, a more substantial restoration is needed to rebuild the compromised tooth structure. This is where dental crowns, inlays, and onlays are ideal. Crowns, inlays and onlays can replace the biting surface of the tooth, restoring normal function to the teeth in the process.

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Dental Crowns

Crowns are the restorations used when even inlays and onlays aren't enough to protect a tooth. These caps fit over the remaining tooth structure, preventing further damage and reducing discomfort. Thanks to CEREC technology, custom crowns are ready in a single visit.

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Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal disease, gum recession, and injuries to the gumline have an adverse effect on wellness and your smile's appearance. Periodontal treatment will help bring gingivitis and periodontitis under control. Subsequent grafting and contouring will rebuild the gum line.

Learn More

Neuromuscular Dentistry

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is one of the most complicated joints in the body. When the jaw joint stops functioning properly, it leads to popping, clicking, and locking known as a TMJ disorder (TMD). Neuromuscular dentistry improves and restores jaw function.

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Dental Bridges

A missing tooth can affect your appearance and make eating certain foods difficult. Dental bridges consist of a false tooth flanked by crowns. The crowns cap natural teeth adjacent to the gap, with the false tooth bridging the space between the teeth.

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When people are missing many teeth, dentures are ideal. This set of false teeth sits on top of the gum tissue to restore the ability to bite, chew, and speak. Partial dentures are great for people missing many teeth, while full dentures help people missing all of their teeth.

Dental Implant

Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically anchored into the jaw structure. The implants fuse with the bone (osseointegration), which provides excellent stability. Implants can be used to support a crown, a bridge, and even a full set of dentures.

Visit an Advanced Dental Practice That Promotes Patient Wellness

Dr. Walls' commitment to professionalism and high standards carries over to the staff. The entire team visits the acclaimed Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies at least once a year. This allows us to hone our skills and better care for our guests.

To learn more about different treatments that enhance the health and appearance of your mouth, schedule a consultation at Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico. You can also call us at:

(505) 883-4488

Dr. Wall and team

Five-Star Reviews for Patient-Centered Care in Albuquerque, NM


Gary Allison


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I’ve been going here for about 15 years. Prior to that I had a pretty traumatic experience. I recommend Dr. Wall and Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico to anyone that mentions dental work in my presence. At this place you’ll learn that going to the dentist doesn’t have to be such an anxiety-producing event. Give them a try! The rest of the staff is awesome too!

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Roxanne R. Musselman-Gomez


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Dr. Wall is the best. He only wants what is best for his patients. Everyone at the office is so supportive and kind. Would recommend him a million times over.

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Safe and Effective Treatments Customized to Your Needs

The team at Cosmetic Dentistry New Mexico will develop a full mouth reconstruction just for you.

Treatment Timeline for Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures

Some patients may see final results in four months, while others may require a year or more of work. During your consultation with us in Albuquerque, we will provide an estimated schedule. 

One Day

Placing fillings or same-day crowns can be accomplished in a single visit to our office. These procedures are not as intensive yet no less important in improving patient wellness.

One Week

Treating gum disease and rebuilding a patient's gum line will typically require at least a week. Multiple office visits are necessary to ensure successful periodontal therapy outcomes.

Two Weeks

When working with an off-site dental lab to craft restorations or appliances, the treatment time is roughly two weeks. This typically involves custom crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Six Months

The dental implant treatment process is around four to six months. This includes the oral surgery to place the implants as well as the healing period and osseointegration.

Nine Months

When patients need bone augmentation prior to getting dental implants, treatment time is nine months or longer. The extra time accounts for two separate surgical recoveries.

Advanced Dental Care Technology That Enhances Safety and Effectiveness

Our Albuquerque office remains at the forefront of dental technology. Using the latest diagnostic tools and imaging systems allows us to provide better comprehensive care.

Diagnostics and Imaging

Digital x-rays are just the first step in advanced care. The iTero intraoral scanner allows us to take safe 3-D images of your teeth, which can be used as digital impressions and aid in treatment planning. Thanks to the DIAGNOdent™, we are better able to diagnose tooth decay, including cavities just beginning to form.

Smile Design Software

It can be difficult to visualize the final results of a full mouth reconstruction. Thanks to Smile Design software, we can give patients a preview of their final outcomes and the difference it will make. This advanced software also helps us determine ideal implant placement and proper treatment implementation.

Excellent Restorative Care from a Skilled Albuquerque, NM, Dentist


Laura Mees


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The office and staff are very professional and knowledgeable. I appreciate their enthusiasm for what they do.

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KM Hudson


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I had an urgent situation, Dr. Wall and his staff, made it possible to take care of my issue. They assured my comfort and care.

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Dr. Wall

Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico

Dr. Byron W. Wall of Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico has provided greater Albuquerque with advanced services and compassionate dental care since 1983. Our friendly team offers a range of treatments to maximize the impact of your smile. Dr. Wall is affiliated with the:

  • Albuquerque District Dental Society
  • New Mexico Dental Association
  • University of New Mexico

To schedule an appointment at our office, contact us online or call (505) 883-4488.

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