Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico Offers Dental Crowns to Restore and Beautify Teeth

Dental Crowns Albuquerque


Dental crowns are available to Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico's patients to restore compromised teeth and conceal sizable imperfections. Here, patient coordinator Ms. Gomez discusses the advantages of using Cerec to mill restorations on-site.

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Cerec is a wonderful new technology here in our office. We try to keep up with all the latest, greatest advanced technologies. We offer 1-visit restorations. It's great for patients; there's no second visit, there's no temporaries. Patients love it. Here's how it works: We take digital images of what we are going to restore, design everything on our computer, mill it in a specific milling unit, bake, glaze; everything in the office, and then it's finished. You're here for about 1½ hours to 2 hours. Patients love this treatment because there's no goopy impressions, there's no temporaries, there's no second visits, there's no having to deal with any labs, or any of the other hustle. Patients think it's the greatest thing. The technology is state-of-the-art, and our patients love it.