Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico Offers Teeth Whitening Treatments to Brighten Patients' Smiles

Teeth Whitening Albuquerque


As one of the cosmetic dentistry procedures available, Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico offers professional teeth whitening treatments, including in-office Zoom whitening and take home kits, to brighten patients' teeth quickly and effectively. Dr. Wall discusses the benefits of teeth whitening, including its affordability and striking results.

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Tooth whitening is very personal for me. I was given medication as a child that made my teeth very, very dark brown with almost black lines running through them. Whitening came along, and this is my own enamel. Just to take someone from dark, ugly teeth to lighter is great. We usually use . . . whitening as part of most all of our cosmetic treatment plans, because we're going to try to get all the natural teeth as light as we can before we fabricate veneers or crowns along the way. Whitening is comfortable, it's straightforward, it's easy. We have multiple geometries; we have the Zoom whitening to do it in the office, which gets a very rapid result. We also make custom trays for people, where they can get their teeth whitened, where they can do it at home if they prefer to do it that way. We have people that are comfortable with both ways to do it. The benefit of doing it professionally is that we get even coverage across the teeth. Some of the over-the-counter things work a little bit right in the middle of the tooth, but they don't really help the sides of the teeth or in between the teeth the same way. How long it takes depends on just how dark or how discolored they were to start with. The Zoom appointment we make, because we don't like to rush, we make that appointment for about 1½ hours, although the treatment time is somewhere around an hour of solution-on-teeth. It's a very easy appointment, usually no discomfort associated with the procedure. We like to make people maintenance gifts. They take trays home with them so that once they are at that nice smile, they can refresh that whitening 3 or 4 times a year, and keep that smile pretty for the rest of their lives, as opposed to picking up the stains from whatever, whether it's red wine, coffee, tea. Whatever people eat are going to stain their teeth up over time. I was an un-smiler myself when my teeth were dark brown, and it's a big deal. Just their personality blossoms when they like their teeth and they like their smile.