Cosmetic Dentistry Performed with Advanced Technology

Porcelain Veneers

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Porcelain veneers can address a wide range of aesthetic issues, and they can even correct minor misalignment. Dr. Wall will attach these custom-designed shells to the front surfaces of your teeth. Once in place, they can conceal surface blemishes and structural irregularities. Like tooth enamel, porcelain is translucent, so veneers look virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. With proper oral hygiene, porcelain veneers can last for a decade or longer. We also offer bonding, a simpler alternative that many patients undergo in order to decide if they wish to eventually receive veneers.

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Teeth Whitening

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We proudly offer Zoom!® teeth whitening to give you a dramatically brighter smile, typically in about an hour. After a complete dental cleaning, Dr. Wall will apply peroxide-based whitening gel to your teeth. A specially designed light will be used to activate the gel's whitening properties. Then oxygen molecules will penetrate your dental enamel and break apart stains caused by foods, drinks, and other sources of discoloration. The ZOOM!® whitening system includes custom take-home whitening trays and gel. Depending on your lifestyle and whether you smoke, drink wine, coffee, or tea will determine how often you need to refresh your bright smile.

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Same Day Crowns

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At Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico, we know that you have a busy, active life. That is why we proudly offer convenient same-day dentistry. Now you can spend less time in the office and still enjoy outstanding aesthetic results. Our CEREC® machine will use 3-D digital impressions of your teeth to fabricate crowns, inlays, and onlays while you wait.

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Sinsational Smiles®

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Sinsational Smile® is another highly effective form of whitening. This treatment typically takes only 20 minutes. If you are looking for the fastest possible procedure, Sinsational Smile® may be the answer. It can also be a great choice if you suffer from dental sensitivity. During treatment, you will wear a special mouthpiece filled with carbamide peroxide gel. A special LED light will activate the gel.

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Laser Dentistry

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Dr. Wall uses advanced technology to improve your care. Our dental lasers are some of our most powerful and effective tools. These devices are especially useful in teeth whitening and periodontal care. The laser energy can break apart stains and eradicate oral bacteria. At the same time, they will involve minimal discomfort and impact to the surrounding tissues. Lasers can often eliminate the need for anesthesia.

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Needle & Drill Free Dentistry

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Our air abrasion instruments can also reduce discomfort. These tools will emit a steam of air and sand to eliminate damaged tooth material. Abrasion instruments are particularly useful in the treatment of small to medium sized cavities, dark stains, and cracked teeth. Because the devices do not involve vibrations or loud noises, they are suitable for both children and adults.

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