General Dentistry

Why General Dentistry Matters

General dentistry is the cornerstone of a healthy and beautiful smile. Even individuals with excellent dental habits are encouraged to see the dentist at least twice a year for a general and preventive checkup. In addition to a cleaning and full oral exam, patients can learn about procedures that may be right for their dental needs, such as dentures, dental implants, and cosmetic dentistry services.

Full Dental Exams

We provide a wide array of dental procedures for our patients, all within a comfortable, friendly environment. We want patients to feel at ease during visits to our Albuquerque, NM, practice and confident that they are receiving the best dental care available.

Checking Your Teeth and Gums

We'll do a thorough inspection for any signs of tooth decay, fractures, and periodontal disease.

X-Rays and Imaging

We take x-rays for a more in-depth screening of the various structures of your mouth, including the jaw bone and jaw joints.

Oral Cancer Screening

We monitor for any cancerous lesions and growths to ensure early detection and treatment of oral cancers.

Treatment Recommendations

Based on your dental needs, we will recommend potential treatments and discuss the pros and cons with you.

Discussing Your Concerns

During your visit to our Albuquerque dental office, we will discuss any dental concerns you may have. We're here to listen and to help as best we can. We will make the process as smooth and painless as possible, regardless of your oral health issues.

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Regular Cleanings

Removing Tartar and Plaque

Using special tools, we will scrape away plaque and tartar that's accumulated on your teeth, especially around the gums. This helps prevent gum disease as well as tooth decay along the gumline.

Professional Polishing

After scraping off the tartar and plaque, a hygienist uses a professional electric toothbrush to polish your teeth. Working gently yet thoroughly, every surface of a tooth is cleaned until it is pristine.

Flossing by a Hygienist

Finally, the hygienist will floss your teeth, getting those hard-to-reach places between your teeth and around the back molars. Professional cleanings get your mouth cleaner than you can at home.

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Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico provides patients with a comprehensive list of dental services in order to suit the needs of everyone who visits our office. During your first appointment with our dentist, he will discuss your options and answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment. This allows you to make an educated decision about your dental care so that you can know exactly what to expect.

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