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Sinsational Smile Albuquerque

A gleaming white smile can light up your whole face, and boost your confidence in your personal and professional life. However, many of the foods and drinks we enjoy in our day-to-day lives can leave deep dental stains that cause a smile to look dull or unhealthy. Fortunately, Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico offers the Sinsational Smile teeth whitening system at our Albuquerque office. This comfortable 20-minute treatment can help you achieve an immediately brighter smile, and includes take-home maintenance tools to help keep your smile looking bright and dazzling long after you leave the dentist's office. If you feel self-conscious about the shade of your teeth, we are here to help. Learn more about what this quick and effective treatment can do for you by contacting us today.

Dr. Wall

This comfortable 20-minute treatment produces immediately striking results, whitening your smile by multiple shades. - Dr. Wall

In-office Treatment

During the initial Sinsational Smile treatment, patients wear a special mouthpiece pre-loaded with carbamide peroxide gel. The unique mouthpiece is comfortable to wear, allowing your jaw to remain relaxed throughout the procedure, yet it adheres tightly, effectively squeezing the gel application onto the tooth structure. The whitening solution saturates each tooth to such a degree that even stains and discoloration in the spaces between teeth are effectively treated.

A blue LED activating light is used to intensify the effects of the gel, eliminating deep stains. This activating light has adjustable wavelengths so our team can customize the intensity of bleaching for each patient's needs. Many of our patients have reported less pain and sensitivity during Sinsational Smile treatment than with other whitening systems.

Maintenance: The Take-home Pen

To help keep teeth their brightest between treatments, our office provides the Sinsational Smile take-home pen. The pen can be used to quickly apply whitening solution daily, and works to eliminate the stains created by food, beverages, and tobacco. Sensitivity is not a problem, even with daily use of this whitening tool.

With proper maintenance, the whitening effects of Sinsational Smile can last several months. Because Sinsational Smile is more affordable than other professional whitening systems, many patients choose to undergo regular treatments to maintain a beautiful smile.

Am I a Candidate for Sinsational Smile?

Teeth bleaching is safe for most patients with healthy teeth and gums. During your preliminary exam, Dr. Byron Wall will evaluate the health of your smile to determine if this treatment is right for you.

When performed by a professional, the Sinsational Smile whitening process has been proven safe for tooth enamel, gums, and other soft tissues. Sinsational Smile will not whiten crowns, fillings, porcelain veneers or other synthetic dental restorations. It is also not effective on teeth darkened by certain medications, decalcification, or root canal treatment. For patients with stains that cannot be addressed by Sinsational Smile, Dr. Wall offers other cosmetic treatment including porcelain veneers.

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