Dental Crowns and Onlays

Do you have a tooth that is broken or severely compromised by decay?

Dental crowns and onlays can repair your teeth in a way that restores function, comfort, health, and the appearance of your smile.

At our Albuquerque, NM, office, we help patients experience the maximum benefits of this treatment...

An Efficient and Lasting Solution
That Looks Great and Feels Comfortable

A Long-lasting Solution

Dental crowns and onlays can last 15 years or more with proper brushing, flossing, and dental exams.


Quick Treatment

With CEREC technology, we can design and fabricate high-quality ceramic restorations in one visit so you can avoid the need for temporary crowns and multiple appointments. However, it is important to understand that materials other than porcelain will require multiple office visits.


The placement of crowns and onlays is virtually a painless procedure. We completely numb the treatment area to maintain your comfort.

Natural Appearance

We fabricate crowns and onlays out of high-quality materials that are virtually identical to natural dental tissue.

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Dr. Byron W. Wall has more than 35 years of experience placing dental crowns, which strengthen teeth and improve their functionality. He also has experience performing root canal therapy and a range of other procedures to restore your oral health. He is a licensed dentist in the state of New Mexico, and he attends the LV Institute every year to further his education and skill in the field of dentistry.

To schedule an appointment, contact our dental practice online or call us in Albuquerque, NM, at:

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Dentist Byron W. Wall and his team
Dentist Byron W. Wall and his team
"A custom-crafted dental crown will restore form, function, and health to your mouth, giving you a great reason to smile once again." Dr. Wall

A Dramatic Transformation

before dental care
after dental care
Dr. Wall can achieve beautiful smile makeover results using crowns and other advanced procedures at our Albuquerque office.

"I Left in Less Than 2 Hours with My New Crown!"


Marilyn Grayson


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I needed a crown on my farthest back molar. It was hard to get to. I felt no pain!  I left in less than 2 hours with my new crown!

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Romie Lavoie


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Dr Wall is always amazing. Kind, gentle, professional and awesome Dentist.  His staff is always smart, kind and personable.

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What about Dental Onlays?

For patients with mild to moderate tooth damage, our dentist may recommend the placement of dental onlays when you visit our Albuquerque dentistry practice. Onlays are:

  • A more conservative option that only replaces the decayed tissue rather than covering the entire tooth
  • Made in a single appointment using CEREC technology
  • Custom-designed to blend with your natural dental tissue

Dental onlays are made of porcelain, and they are a long-lasting, durable solution for replacing decayed tissue on or between tooth cusps (the top projections of a tooth). After the tooth has been treated, the restoration is carefully crafted to replace the compromised tissue, fitting like a puzzle piece.

The Placement Process

If you are receiving a ceramic crown or onlay, our Albuquerque dental office can restore a damaged tooth within a single office visit and without the need for a temporary crown:

Local Anesthesia

Dr. Wall begins the placement procedure by administering a local anesthetic around the tooth that will be treated. This will keep you completely comfortable and pain-free throughout treatment.

Preparing the Tooth

Next, the dentist will prep the tooth. This involves removing all decayed or infected tissue, possibly through a root canal. He will then reshape the remaining dental tissue to accommodate the crown.

Digital Impressions

Next, we will use the CEREC system to take digital impressions of the tooth. These impressions allow our dentist to create crowns and onlays that achieve a precise fit.


Using the CEREC software, Dr. Wall will design your crown or onlay to blend in with your surrounding teeth.


While you wait in our office, the CEREC system will fabricate your permanent crown or onlay from a solid block of porcelain in less than an hour using the digital impressions and design specifications entered into the system. This allows us to avoid the need for a temporary crown and second dental office visit.


Your dentist will place the permanent crown or onlay into position and test the fit on your tooth. Then, he will cement the cap into place and make any final adjustments needed to make sure your bite feels comfortable.

"There's No Second Visit, No Temporaries."

Dr. Wall's assistant, Ms. Gomez, discusses the advantages of using CEREC to create custom restorations in a single office visit

Replace Missing Teeth  with Implant-supported Crowns

Crowns can replace missing teeth when they are secured to dental implants. This treatment is an alternative to a traditional dental bridge, which relies on adjacent teeth for support. During a consultation at our Albuquerque practice, patients can find out if an implant-supported crown or dental bridge is the best treatment option. Dr. Wall does not place implants, but he can coordinate with other area specialists to help you take advantage of this solution.

implant-supported crown

"Always a Great Experience"


Yolanda Deimling


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Always a great experience no matter what work needs to be done!   Dr. Wall and his staff are outstanding!

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Jill Hruby


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I've been going to Dr Wall for about nine years.  He is a great dentist, his staff are friendly, and overall I highly recommend.

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Dr. Wall

Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico

Dr. Byron W. Wall of Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico has provided greater Albuquerque with advanced services and compassionate dental care since 1983. Our friendly team offers a range of treatments to maximize the impact of your smile. Dr. Wall is affiliated with the:

  • Albuquerque District Dental Society
  • New Mexico Dental Association
  • University of New Mexico

To schedule an appointment at our office, contact us online or call (505) 883-4488.

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