Needle and Drill Free Dentistry

A More Pleasant Dental Experience Than Ever Before

We've heard countless reasons individuals have given for not wanting to see the dentist. However, pain and discomfort are no longer good excuses for not receiving necessary dental treatment. At the office of Dr. Byron W. Wall, patients can enjoy the tranquility of completely pain-free dentistry. Our gentle and friendly dental professionals utilize advanced needle free and drill free dentistry techniques at our Albuquerque practice to ensure a smooth, serene experience for our patients. An innovative air abrasion system eliminates the need for loud, intimidating drills and scary, painful needles.

At Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico, we understand that even the calmest of patients can become squeamish in the dentist's chair. Contact us today to learn more about needle and drill free dentistry at our Albuquerque dental practice.

How Air Abrasion Dental Technology Works

Your oral health is our main priority, and we want to make sure you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible during every visit. Air abrasion technology uses powerful pressurized air to remove the harmful decay that causes cavities. A stream of warm air and sand particles is applied to any damaged areas of the tooth, wiping away minor damage and discoloration from otherwise healthy teeth.

Benefits of Air Abrasion Dental Technology

Treating tooth decay sooner than later minimizes the possibility of further, more serious dental problems occurring in the future. Air abrasion dental technology offers a number of benefits, including:

  • No needles -- no shots of anesthesia
  • No ongoing lip numbness or side effects after treatment
  • No drills -- no loud, terrifying noise, smell, or water spray
  • Better protection of the tooth structure
  • Early detection of decay and cavities
  • Zero patient trauma
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Safe and effective for children and adults alike

Is Air Abrasion Technology Right for You?

Dr. Wall is always happy to discuss needle and drill free dentistry with patients at his Albuquerque practice. If you require any of the following treatments, you may be a candidate for needle and drill free technology:

  • Restoration of discolored teeth
  • Treatment of small-to-medium cavities
  • Elimination of tooth decay and plaque
  • Repair of tooth fractures

Minimize Pain

Dental lasers help us perform pain-free periodontal care, cleanings, and more. There is less swelling, bleeding, and discomfort following treatment.

Eliminate Needles

Waterlase is less invasive than traditional techniques, meaning patients typically don't need anesthesia to feel comfortable during procedures.

Reduce Risk

Dental lasers will sterilize the targeted area during treatment, reducing the risk of infection and complications from dental procedures.

Reduce Risk

Dental lasers will sterilize the targeted area during treatment, reducing the risk of infection and complications from dental procedures.

Improve Convenience

Biolase makes dental treatment quicker than ever before and reduces the recovery time associated with many procedures.

Learn More about Drill Free Dentistry

To learn more about needle free and drill free dentistry, contact our Albuquerque cosmetic dentistry office today. A dedicated dental professional is standing by to answer any questions you might have or to help you schedule an appointment.

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