Root Canal Therapy with a Same-Day Crown

A root canal infection can develop when bacteria gets into the pulp of the tooth, where sensitive nerves and tissues reside. A root canal infection may result in pain, inflammation, and heightened sensitivity. Root canal therapy treats root canal infection to restore comfort and prevent tooth loss.

After performing root canal therapy, a crown is placed to further strengthen and protect the tooth. At our Albuquerque, NM, dental practice, we offer same-day crowns to clean, reshape, and restore a tooth in a single day. Root canal therapy with a same-day crown allows us to treat root canal infection quickly and effectively.

What to Expect during Root Canal Therapy

When people hear that they need root canal therapy, they are often worried about a complicated and painful treatment process. In reality, root canal therapy is a straightforward procedure that is performed with local anesthesia, so our Albuquerque patients should remain comfortable throughout treatment.

Root canal therapy entails thoroughly cleaning a tooth and eliminating infected tissues from the pulp chamber and root canals. At the start of root canal therapy, a small hole is drilled in the tooth. Thin dental instruments are placed through this hole. The instruments remove infected tissues and clean down the roots of the tooth.

After a tooth has been cleaned, it is filled with a rubber-like compound. This compound fills in the pulp chamber and seals off the root canals to prevent further infection. As a final step of precaution, the tooth is treated with a dental crown. A dental crown strengthens the tooth so that it can perform oral functions; it also acts as an extra layer of protection to block out harmful bacteria.

Using CEREC Technology

Traditionally, a temporary crown is placed at the end of root canal therapy, and the patient must schedule a follow-up appointment to have the permanent crown placed. However, our team utilizes CEREC technology to provide patients with same-day crowns and complete root canal therapy in a single day.

Our CEREC system takes digital images of the tooth after it has been cleaned and treated for root canal infection. These images are sent to the CEREC computer system, where we can design a custom crown that will fit precisely over the patient’s tooth. These design specifications are sent to the milling machine, which carves the patient’s dental crown out of a ceramic block. In around an hour, the permanent crown is completed and ready to bond in place.

Benefits of Same-day Crowns

Same-day crowns offer our Albuquerque patients several important benefits:

  • CEREC technology uses digital images rather than messy oral impressions
  • Same-day crowns restore the smile quickly so patients can resume oral functions immediately
  • Same-day crowns save money by eliminating the need for temporary restorations and extra dental appointments
  • Same-day crowns are completed in a single dental appointment, so patients spend less time at our dental office

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Root canal therapy with same-day crowns treats infection to improve oral health and restore oral functions, all in a single day. To find out if you can benefit from root canal therapy with a same-day crown, call (505) 355-0314 and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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