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Teeth Whitening

Even those of us who brush and floss regularly can have stained teeth that make it difficult to smile with confidence.

Dr. Byron W. Wall can use advanced whitening treatments to eliminate deep dental stains, helping you look and feel your best.

Learn how teeth whitening procedures at our Albuquerque, NM, practice can benefit you...

Illuminate Your Smile In Just One Office Visit

Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico offers Zoom! and Sinsational Smile whitening treatments to brighten teeth quickly and effectively. In this video, Dr. Wall discusses the benefits of dentist-supervised teeth whitening using cutting-edge technology and specially formulated gel containing hydrogen peroxide.

"Had My Teeth Whitened & the Results Were Immediate!"


Camille Scales


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I was referred to Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico by Marie (employee) and I had such a good experience there. I received a teeth whitening. The staff was very professional and accommodating. After the whitening, I even received an at-home whitening kit for touch ups! I would recommend going here for teeth whitening. Very nice staff and atmosphere.

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Dr. Kay Rogers


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Love & adore all the staff! They take such good care of all their patients! Highly recommend them for all dental care! Had my teeth whitened & the results were immediate! Thank you for the years of fabulous service!

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Whiter Teeth Are Just a Click or Call Away

A bright, white smile can make a powerful impression on everyone around you. If dental stains are making it difficult for you to smile with confidence, Dr. Byron W. Wall is here to help take your self-esteem to an exciting new level through advanced teeth whitening performed in-office. If needed, Dr. Wall can also provide you with a custom whitening kit to use in the comfort of your home at your convenience.

Dr. Wall has been practicing dentistry for 30 years, and has continually studied the latest and most effective means of helping his patients achieve healthy, beautiful-looking smiles. He is also a student of the Las Vegas Institute, a premier provider of continuing education for dentists who settle for nothing less than the best for their patients.

Stop wasting time and money on whitening toothpaste and other tooth whitening solutions that just don't measure up to professional care. Request your consultation by reaching out to our Albuquerque, NM, practice online or calling us at

(505) 883-4488

dr. byron wall
Dr. Byron W. Wall

It's important to understand that tooth whitening only works on certain types of stains...

Intrinsic vs. Surface Stains

Look at your smile in the mirror. What aspects of your teeth bother you? 

If you have yellow or stained teeth as a result of your oral hygiene, genetics, or years of consuming coffee and other dark-colored foods and beverages, tooth whitening at our Albuquerque office may be a great option for you. 

However, if you have discoloration or tetracycline stains that affect the very deepest layers of your dental tissue, we may recommend porcelain veneers or dental bonding instead. Regardless of your needs, Dr. Wall has a solution that can help you achieve the outcome you want and deserve.

stained teeth
We offer solutions for all kinds of dental stains.

Teeth Whitening Candidacy

Good Oral Health

As with any cosmetic treatment, tooth whitening is only appropriate for patients with a healthy smile. Patients with gum disease or tooth decay must resolve these issues first. 

Extrinsic Stains

Tooth whitening treatments can only eliminate extrinsic stains, which are stains affecting the outer layers of a tooth. For deeper stains, veneers or crowns may be a better solution.

Your Restorations

Porcelain crowns, veneers, and other restorations will not respond to whitening. If you have restorations that have become stained, you should consider replacing them before whitening.

Thinking about just trying your luck with an over-the-counter at-home whitening product?

​Avoid Disappointing Results and Painful Side-Effects

With the increasing popularity of whitening strips, activated charcoal, whitening toothpaste, and other do-it-yourself whitening products, many patients are trying to whiten their smiles at home without a dentist's help. However, the results of over-the-counter at-home solutions are often disappointing, and can cause highly uncomfortable tooth sensitivity. Worse still, some people are allergic to the active ingredients, which can result in swelling and other reactions.

Dr. Wall uses a powerful whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide that is far more effective than the at-home products you can buy at the local grocery. While store-bought treatments can take several weeks to show only slight differences, whitening solutions performed in-office can lighten your smile by several shades in just one appointment

Best of all, Dr. Wall will make certain that you can safely undergo whitening without suffering any unwanted side-effects. Although some tooth sensitivity after professional whitening is possible, Dr. Wall can minimize this effect by adjusting your treatment. This customization simply isn't possible with whitening toothpaste! If you want noticeable results with minimal risks, there is no better choice than dentist-supervised treatment.

Our Albuquerque practice offers both Zoom! whitening and the Sinsational Smile whitening system. During your consultation, he can help you determine which treatment is best for your needs and goals. If you prefer to whiten your teeth at home, Dr. Wall can also provide you with a custom kit designed to provide outstanding results.

"He Exceeded My Expectations."


Dolores Lovato


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I was greeted by Trista and she was friendly, upbeat and so helpful in explaining the “Sinsational Smile” just one of the teeth whitening process that they offer. Dr Wall came in and was very professional and personable. They all made me feel comfortable and not rushed at all. 

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K. Miller


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I am a physician patient of Dr. Wall's who had veneer cosmetic dentistry. His fastidious attention to detail, dedication to perfect outcomes, patience, and knowledge base from years of experience are extraordinary. I entrusted him with my care, and he exceeded my expectations.

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What happens during in-office teeth whitening?

Three Simple Steps 


Before we recommend the best solution for your unique needs, Dr. Wall will review your cosmetic concerns and determine whether whitening can work for you. 


A member of our Albuquerque team will begin by cleaning the surfaces of your teeth to remove any particles that might block the whitening agents from working effectively.


A whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth and activated with a light. This combination eliminates deep stains to provide fast, beautiful results.

A Closer Look at the Procedure

Illustration of teeth whitening

We take precautions to protect the soft tissues of your mouth. Meanwhile, the LED lamp will intensify the effects of the hydrogen peroxide to give you the dazzling results that over-the-counter products such as whitening toothpastes simply cannot.

Sinsational Smile: A Closer Look at a Sophisticated Tooth Whitening System

Dr. Wall now offers the Sinsational Smile teeth whitening system. Ideal for patients with sensitivity issues, this comfortable 20-minute treatment will help you achieve an immediately brighter smile, and includes a take-home pen to help keep your smile dazzling long after you leave the dentist's office. Patients love this system, especially when they learn it is more affordable than many other professional whitening treatments.

When you visit our Albuquerque office, Dr. Wall will take time to explain your options so that you can achieve results that exceed your expectations.

sinsational smile
Many are turning to Sinsational Smile to achieve bright, healthy-looking results.

Teeth whitening has virtually no recovery time...

Begin Enjoying Your New Smile Immediately and Maintain Your Results for Years to Come

Because teeth whitening is a non-invasive procedure, it does not require any downtime. You can immediately return to your normal routine after your appointment. 

However, because you can still develop dental stains, maintaining your results requires special care. Besides brushing, flossing, and attending six-month checkups, you should also take care to limit foods and drinks that can cause staining, including:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Tomato sauce
  • Soda
  • Red wine
  • Soy sauce

If you cannot brush immediately after a meal, rinsing your mouth with water can help you avoid staining.

Dr. Wall can also provide custom-fitted dental trays and whitening gel for minor touch-ups to help maintain the effects of your whitening treatments between visits to our office. These comfortable, customized trays hold a thin layer of gel against the teeth, and are worn overnight or for 30 minutes a day until your desired results are achieved. Meanwhile, the Sinsational Smile system comes with a special take-home whitening pen that allows you to safely apply touch-up treatments at your discretion.

Are the effects really that impressive?

Our Patients Have Something to Smile About

If you've tried all kinds of whitening toothpastes and other products but have had limited success, Dr. Byron W. Wall can help. With more than three decades in dentistry, Dr. Wall is qualified to help you experience exhilarating smile enlightenment!

Teeth whitening is widely available, but your choice of dentist makes a major difference in the quality of results you can expect. As someone who has personally benefited from expertly performed cosmetic dental treatment, Dr. Wall takes great pride in helping each and every patient achieve a smile that helps them feel confident and attractive. 

If you live in the greater Albuquerque, NM, area and feel ready to start a new chapter of beautiful smiles and boosted self-esteem in your life, request your consultation at Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico online. You can also reach us by phone at 

(505) 883-4488

dr. wall and his team
Our friendly team welcomes you!

Is professional whitening expensive?

This Solution Is Affordable On Most Budgets

Like most cosmetic dental procedures, teeth whitening is not covered by insurance. However, it is a relatively low-cost treatment and can provide dramatic results. In fact, patients considering more costly treatments such as porcelain veneers frequently choose to undergo whitening first in order to achieve a smile that is not only more symmetrical, but also brighter and healthier-looking.

It is also important to understand that when you choose Dr. Wall, you are trusting your smile to a leading cosmetic dentist who continually studies the latest innovations in dentistry. As his patient, you can expect that your tooth whitening treatment will be designed to give you results that look natural and highlight all your best features. Although whitening in-office or with a custom take-home kit requires paying out-of-pocket, many patients agree that the confidence that this procedure provides is priceless!

"Glad I'm a Patient."




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Great office staff and dental hygienist. I would absolutely recommend cosmetic dentistry and am looking forward to getting the work done and having a nice, professional, healthy smile! Glad I'm a patient :)

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Gary Allison


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I’ve been going here for about 15 years. I recommend Dr. Wall and Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico to anyone that mentions dental work in my presence. At this place you’ll learn that going to the dentist doesn’t have to be such an anxiety producing event. Give them a try! 

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Dr. Wall

Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico

Dr. Byron W. Wall of Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico has provided greater Albuquerque with advanced services and compassionate dental care since 1983. Our friendly team offers a range of treatments to maximize the impact of your smile. Dr. Wall is affiliated with the:

  • Albuquerque District Dental Society
  • New Mexico Dental Association
  • University of New Mexico

To schedule an appointment at our office, contact us online or call (505) 883-4488.

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