Air Abrasion: The Benefits of Drill-Free Dental Care

Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico is one of the leading dental providers in Albuquerque, offering the latest in cosmetic and restorative treatments to enhance his patients’ smiles. General dental care is still a cornerstone of the practice, and the basics are always important. Yet there are newer and better ways of performing those tried and true dental treatments.

This commitment to fundamentals and advanced care explain why we offer drill-free dentistry that uses air abrasion to treat tooth decay. Let’s consider air abrasion in more detail right now.

About Air Abrasion and How It Works

Air abrasion is a new step forward in dental care, allowing dentists to prep teeth for fillings and other restorations without the need for a traditional drill. Rather than using a drill bit, the air abrasion tool uses a fine stream of safe particles that is pushed out by air. The particles are typically made of silica, aluminum oxide, or a baking soda mixture, safely removing decayed tooth structure. A dentist uses suction to remove the particles from the mouth.

In essence, air abrasion works like a mini sandblaster in the mouth.

No Need for Needles During Treatment

Because air abrasion is so safe and delicate, there are typically no needles required as part of treatment to administer local anesthetic. This means other methods of sedation that do not cause pain can be used instead of relying on shots.

Air Abrasion Doesn’t Make Drilling Noises

The whine and whirr of the drill is one of the most annoying sounds out there. Air abrasion doesn’t make any of those annoying noises. In addition, the air abrasion method also doesn’t produce the friction, heat, or pressure of a dental drill.

Reduced Anxiety During Cavity Prep

Since there are no needles involved, no whizzing sounds, and patients won’t feel heat, pressure, or friction, air abrasion makes the filling procedure less of a source of anxiousness. This is an important consideration for patients who experience dental phobia or other forms of anxiety about dental care treatment.

Air Abrasion Preserves More Healthy Tooth Structure

Even though dental drills were standard in many dental practices, the drills required dentists to remove some healthy tooth structure when treating tooth decay. With air abrasion, that’s no longer an issue. Dentists can accurately remove damage tooth structure with air abrasion, preserving more of the healthy tooth structure than ever before.

Air Abrasion Is More Accurate and Delicate Than Drills

In addition to preserving tooth structure, air abrasion is more accurate than drills and more delicate as well. This means that air abrasion won’t cause potential cracks in healthy tooth structure like drills could. That provides a better foundation for dental fillings and superior results on the whole.

A Great Option for Children with Cavities

Many children feel frightened or worried when they are visiting the dentist due to dental drills. Thanks to air abrasion, a much more positive experience is possible. Pain-free, drill-free, and anxiety-free, a child with a cavity has nothing to worry about when getting a filling these days.

Learn More About Drill-Free Dentistry

For more information about drill-free dental care and how our team of dentists can help you have the healthiest and most beautiful smile possible, be sure to contact our advanced dental care care today. The entire team at the practice is here to help you smile with confidence.

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