Oral Injury and Tooth Loss: Don’t Wait to Replace Missing Teeth

One of the most essential elements of optimal oral health is a complete set of structurally intact teeth. While modern restorative dentistry can replace missing teeth with excellent aesthetic and functional results, there is no substitute for healthy natural teeth. This is why Dr. Byron W. Wall and his team place emphasis on the importance of general and preventive dental procedures that … Read More

Can Dental Cavities Cause Tooth Loss?

By practicing good oral hygiene habits and maintaining a regular schedule of dental exams and cleanings, most people can avoid serious dental complications. However, even with proper care, it is not unusual for dental problems to develop. One of the most common oral health problems is the development of a dental cavity. Cavities are small areas of decay; the decay … Read More

Dentistry Has Come a Long Way: The History of Dentistry

Dentistry has a long history. Early dental practices we significantly different than today’s treatments, but without them, patients wouldn’t enjoy the comfort and effectiveness seen in modern dental arts. Today’s dental treatments can restore oral health and enhance the smile’s appearance. There are a variety of restorative dentistry treatments to restore the health of damaged teeth and prevent from tooth loss. To … Read More

Why Are My Teeth Sensitive When I Chew?

The team at our Albuquerque dental care center believes in prevention and proactive treatment as much as we do in advanced restorative dentistry. By working as soon as possible and dental health issues, we can keep patients’ smiles looking beautiful and help patients feel great. It’s not uncommon for us to see patients who complain of dental pain when they bite … Read More

Protect Your Smile from Tooth Loss and Gum Disease

Bleeding while flossing and brushing the teeth is often one of the first signs of gum disease. What may seem like minor bleeding can lead to serious oral health problems, including tooth loss. It’s important to seek treatment for gum disease as soon as possible to prevent further damage and restore your oral health. Restorative dentistry treatments can help treat dental … Read More

Find Relief from TMJ Disorder with Neuromuscular Dentistry

Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ disorder, is a painful condition that can make opening and closing the mouth painful. Often recognized by a clicking or popping of the jaw, TMJ disorder may require dental intervention. Neuromuscular dentistry specifically addresses TMJ disorder, taking into account the factors responsible for the functioning of the temperomandibular joint, to help relieve the painful symptoms of … Read More

Abfraction: What is it and How Can it be Treated?

Here at Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico, we always strive to enhance the beauty and health of smiles while also empowering patients with knowledge. This allows patients to make smart choices about their dental care needs and what they can do at home to maintain good dental health. This focus on the patient is what has made us on of … Read More

The Most Common Causes of Tooth Loss

The team at Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico is able to address a whole host of dental health and aesthetic issues. We are proud to offer the people of Albuquerque the latest in restorative dentistry to improve the health and wellness of smiles. We have many options available for patients who are missing a tooth or many teeth. Let’s consider some … Read More

Fill the Gaps: Treatments for Missing Teeth

A leading dental team, we committed to the people of Albuquerque. Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico believes in helping improving the appearance of people’s smiles as well as their overall dental wellness, offering the latest in cosmetic dental procedures and advanced restorative dentistry services. When patients are missing teeth, they have a number of concerns that have to be addressed. With … Read More

What to do in Case of a Dental Emergency

At Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico, we offer more than just the finest cosmetic dentistry in our beautiful state. We also offer a comprehensive range of world-class general dentistry services, including emergency dental care, at our Albuquerque, NM dental practice. If you suffer a dental emergency, we will do our best to accommodate you, providing the pain relief and immediate treatment … Read More